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About the project Garra - Zero Medal

 "Garra - Zero Medal" is a comic book series project that try to bring a new science fiction universe with great action and super powers. Although being a kid's theme, there are several internal conflicts of the main character who lives a love at first sight and a strong and active female character in a story full of intricate details that interest adults as well. In addition to the comic book series, there are plans to make games and animations too.

It was 1994. I was just 14 and excited playing a videogame called Bubsy. The mascots dominated the entertainment world at that time. Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Tiny Toons, Tom & Jerry, Woody Woodpecker, Mighty Mouse, Ducktales, Snoopy, Sonic, etc. I always dreamed of work with drawings, I have learned to read Monica's Gang comics even before entering school, and it was the moment I realized I also needed to create my main character. A mascot! Thus the character Garra was born and the project that would later named Zero Medal.
At that time we already had mouses, hedgehogs, rabbits, ducks, turtles and a lot of other animal characters. So I chose the tiger that was not so common (though we already have some). After thinking a lot about a name, Garra was born and its brothers Juba, Pintado and Sombra came some time later. Now the hardest thing was to create his storyline and I didn't like what I created at the time. That's why I left the project aside. In 1999 I reformulated the saga and made a new design for them. The story and the characters improved a lot but it was too serious.

 I wanted to recover the original version's good mood and cut the lots of fights in a row to have more history. It was only later in 2002 that I decided to create Pandora, a 100% human character for whom Garra falls in love, and then she gained so much strength and personality so I had to reformulate the saga again with the best of the two previous versions and an active participation of Pandora where she becomes as protagonist as Garra. It was only with the friends and co-workers advices and also my own experience and studies, that in 2013 the character design reached a version that I finally liked. After creating more than 19 script/thumbnails versions, Zero Medal #1 was finally released in December 2018 with the help of my family and many friends who supported the project on a crowdfunding platform.

Released in 2021 at the brazilian CCXP (Comic Con Experience), Zero Medal reached its third issue, closing the first story arc of the adventures of Garra and Pandora with a promising future. In addition to comic book series that is still being produced, a cartoon animation teaser was made to publicize the project, a video game is being developed and an international partnership has also been made with a group of independent comic artists called Broken Reality Comics. A new interconnected Universe where 10 different indie publishers around the world have managed to set aside their egos to create not a one and done kind of crossover, not an anthology, but a series that will help show you a Universe we as a team have created.

And it all started in 1994 with a childhood dream...

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