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Rogerio Ferraz da Silva
Hello! I'm Rogerio Ferraz, author of the Zero Medal saga and creator of this page. I'm currently working in São Paulo, Brazil, making storyboards at PG Productions where I have worked as 2D animator on series like Fishtronaut - Second Season, Gemini 8, Earth to LunaFishtronaut The Movie and as Animation Supervisor in Ping and Friends  series. I started studying Artistic and Advertising Drawing at Intituto Universal Brasileiro (Brazilian Universal Institute)Comics at ABRA (Brazilian Academy of Arts) and also 2D Animation at HGN Productions. I have worked for 5 years with children's illustrations, inkening, coloring, books layout and webdesign at Kinderbooks Comercial LTDA.
Just after that I started working with cartoon animation (Clean up and Inbetween) taking part of projects like Los Três Amigos at Estúdio Daniel MessiasDisney's The Princess and the Frog at HGN ProductionsChico & Rita with the animators Sandro Cleuzo and Robert Sprathoff besides several TV commercials such as Froot Loops at R&R Animation Films.
Then I started animating on some institutional films and in a short fim called Freckles at Teremim Studio. I also was teacher of 2D Traditional Animation and ToonBoom at Art Academia by 3 years.

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