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Issue #1 and #2 at Comixology
issue #3 under production

February 2, 2021
The first and the second Zero Medal issue is now available at Comixology!!!


The work on Zero Medal issue #3 has already begun. It's the final chapter of the first story arc.
Teaser 2018

March 16, 2018

After 3 years under production on my short free time, the Garra - Zero Medal 2018 animation teaser is finally done. The initial idea was to make some traditional animation frame by frame to my portfolio, since today I only work with digital cutout animations. After planning and animating one of the scenes just in draft, I was inspired and decided to plan and draft what would be the opening of the Zero Medal animation series as if it happened somehow. After planning the whole opening, I decided to go further and created a small introduction before the opening, thus changing the project into a teaser that would be used not only as my portfolio but as publicity for the comic book series. Due to the high costs and the long 3 years that I took to make this 2 minutes teaser all alone, unfortunately a Zero Medal animation series is a far away dream. But I still dream about it... who knows...?
Zero Medal - Arcade Game - mock up
December 1, 2017

The video above is a project to make a Zero Medal game in the old 90's Arcade Beat Them Up style.
These scenes are not a real gameplay and will appear in the Brazilian anime called Magma created by my friend Robson Menezes. I made all the game planning, a few animations, and I just started programming in Unity Engine.

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