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Zero Medal series storyline

 Garra was born at an alien spacecraft laboratory with incredible strength and agility. He was created by Doctor Mente, a scientist from the planet Tântalo who seeks to create a living weapon that could be perfect on using one of the mighty Universe Medals. In his research, he decided to create laboratory genetic mutations using the planet Earth's human DNA and other animals. Therefore also Sombra, Pintado and Juba were born and they faced during their lives a severe training trying to find the Zero Medal that is the maximum power hidden inside the Universe Medals.
However the results disappointed Dr. Mente and his dream of discovering the Zero Medal seems increasingly far away. On planet Earth, a stranger delivers one of these medals to Pandora, a girl looking for her brother Perseus mysteriously missing three years ago.
 Fearing an old rival, Dr. Mente sends Garra alone to end Pandora's life and retrieve the Medal she has, but he arrives on planet Earth with no memory and ends up falling in love with the girl. Pandora will never give up until she discovers the connection between these medals with her brother's past, helping Garra recover his memory having no idea of ​​the danger she is in.

Universe Medals and Zero Medal
 The Universe Medals are objects found in the center of each planet and star of the cosmos. The bearer of one of these medals can control energy and elements of its origin planet or star by establishing a connection between them. This connection is only possible thanks to the "star dust". (The american astronomer Carl Sagan said that both living beings and the entire solar system are just star dust because we all share the same chemical elements.This theory was recently confirmed by astronomers who analyzed 1500 stars and come to the conclusion that both humans and stars share 97% of the same type of atoms.) Beyond this power, it is believed that the maximum power that a Universe Medal can generate is the power of the Big Bang, the explosion that generated all the univrse. Zero Medal is the name given to this hidden and not yet found power.

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