Animation - First Animations

Solar Flare
November 23, ‎2005
My final exercise as a 2D animation student at HGN Productions was to animate my own character and by myself. I wanted to make Garra, the main character of Zero Medal series launching his attack called Solar Flare and I wanted to draw all of the power's special effects. I draw each character frame on paper and also draw each flames of his hand and on the background, then I colored them and I added all the shadings and highlights using Photoshop. The final composition was using After Effects.

Sombra arriving on Earth
 December 3, ‎2005
My first lip sync exercise I made when I was a student at HGN Productions. This time with my character Sombra, a scene that would be on the series first episode but that will no longer be used due to script changes. He says in portuguese "Então, conseguimos? Aqui é a Terra?" that means "So, we did it? Is here Earth?" All animation was paper hand-drawn shortly after recording my own voice. Then the scene was colored using Photoshop and the final composition using After Effects.

Garra Walking
 June 4, ‎2005
My first animation test using my character Garra. This animation was made as a walking cycle character exercise when I was still a 2D Animation student at HGN Productions. All frames were paper hand-draw in traditional technique and colored in an old software called AXA. The character shades and the background were made using Photoshop and the final composition, including the glass reflection and Garra's shadow over the floor were made using After Effects.

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