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First Zero Medal Trilogy
On Sale

April 12, 2022
Thanks to the help of many friends, my family and people who liked and supported the Zero Medal project at Catarse (brazilian crowdfunding platform), the first trilogy is now on sale. I want to thank you all. Thank you so much for following the Garra's legacy this far. Issue 3 closes the first story arc. But that's just the beginning of the adventures of Garra, Pandora and all the other characters. There's a lot more coming. Zero Medal 4 is already being planned but it will take a while because the whole new story arc needs to be planned together and not just the single issue 4. The first Zero Medal trilogy is for sale at The Expanse page and available to all Global Comix and Comichaus subscribers .
Zero Medal - Galaxy Champions
in production
Abril 12, 2022

The video above is a project to make a Zero Medal videogame in the old Arcade Beat Them Up style from the early 90's. The scenes in this video are not real gameplay, they are a mock up just to show how the game will be and it will be featured in the Brazilian anime called Magma by my friend Robson Animations. The real game is already in production. I made all the game planning and I'm starting to make the animations and the programming in the Unity engine. Initially I intend to release the game for PC on Steam. Let's see if I can make it work on Android and other platforms too.
2018 teaser and movie/series plans

March 16, 2018

After 3 years of production using my free time, the animation teaser for Garra - Zero Medal is finally done. The initial idea was to make some traditional frame-by-frame animation to have it in my portfolio, since today I only work with digital cutout animations. After planning and animating just the draft of one of the scenes, I was inspired and decided to make what would be the opening of the Zero Medal cartoon series if it ever happens some day. After planning the entire opening, I decided to go further and animate a short introduction before the opening, thus transforming the project into a teaser that would no longer be used only as a portfolio but as a publicity for the comic series. Due to the high cost and the long 3 years it took me to make this 2 minute teaser by myself, unfortunately a Zero Medal cartoon series is a very distant dream. But I still dream about it... maybe one day...? While this dream doesn't come true, I'm getting ready for it. I wrote a script called "Zero Medal - The Movie" based on the first 3 issues of the comics and it is now under treatment to make it better and better. Would you like to see Garra in theaters?

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