The Expanse - Zero Medal Comix

The idea of creating a universe of characters started in 1994 when the entertainment world was dominated by mascots. So I decided to also create my own mascot that would be the representative of all the next characters that I would create. Thus was born the character Garra from the series that in the future would receive the name Zero Medal and many other characters and projects such as Cretaceous and Vampire Vendetta.The goal is to create quality multimedia content such as comic books, movies, series, animations and games, always in the nostalgic retro style of the 80s and 90s.

Main Character: GARRA
He is a typical stubborn and never gives up what he wants. He is the toughest and his perseverance is admired by everyone. He is very interested in mankind's culture and that makes him innocent and naive sometimes. Garra is the leader of the group so he has always been faithful to his creator until he fell in love with Pandora and realized how evil Dr. Mente is playing with his feelings and with his life and the life of his foster brothers.
Main title: Zero Medal
At First Sight Garra and Pandora's first adventure. In this issue, Garra, a creature created in an alien laboratory by using human DNA and tiger DNA, is sent to planet Earth to kill a young police woman named Pandora and retrieve the Universe Medal she just got from a strange unidentified biker,. Mystery surrounds the relationship between the Garra alien creator called Dr. Mente, an old rival known only as Beta and the missing Pandora's brother.

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