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Welcome to the interconnected Universe known as "The Expanse", in this series we plan to show this vast community of comic book fans and creators how 10 different indie publishers have managed to set aside their egos to create something many only dream of creating. The Expanse series as a whole plans to show you the mysteries of the Universe, the origins of the gods, the birth of multiple dimensions and the events that will bring us all together into one shared canvas. This is not a one and done kind of crossover, this is not an anthology, this is a series that will help show you a Universe we as a team have created.
Spearheaded by Tableflip Entertainment & JM Comics Studios, a team was recruited that consists of Twisted Smilez Entertainment, Crystal Break Studios, Outcast Comics, Artistic Realm Creations, Comic Bug Comics, JRD Comics, Theme Attics Comics and finally Zero Medal Comix. The team was specifically chosen as they all bring something unique to the Expanse Universe and even though the creators mostly differ in style or genre, this was done intentionally to put emphasis on the fact that indie creators can make anything work for them with a little bit of creativity.

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