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Theme Attics Comics is an indie comic group hellbent on bringing the most exciting outlandish stories to indie comics. We at Theme Attics Comics have a nostalgia for an era of comics which has long passed. Our mission is to bring modern stories with the look of retro comics.

Main Character: JETBURN
An over ambitious henchman stole the world’s deadliest antihero serum, except he doesn’t remember why he stole it in the first place. Escaping his former employer caused him to get into a plane crash which gave him amnesia. What causes him to steal from his boss and why is in need to kill heroes?
Main title: Jetburn
Jetburn’s amnesia from a plane crash causes him to accidentally confront the man he was running from, Orbital Dread. Dread wants nothing more than for Jetburn to regain his memory and he doesn’t care how much pain he has to inflict to know why this henchman robbed him of his greatest power.

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