The Expanse - Artistic Realm Creations

Artistic Realm Creation was officially created on July 2020, as a place where creators have the ability to create their own “Realm” of reality.

Main Character: Ka`Jal
Ka`jal comes from a long line of element wielders. Her family was chosen to wield this power by Andveri of The Universal Council in exchange for a promise. She is the first and only person that can control all 4 elements (fire, water, wind and earth). She is the protector of Earth and the peacekeeper of a secret society of mythical creatures, which often time get in the way of her true goal of finding who killed her parents and grandpa. In keeping with part of the promise her family made with Andveri her name to every human outside the family is Agony, a name her Aunt and mentor gave her due to her wearing her pain.
Main title: Elements of Agony
In a world filled with mythical creatures, someone must protect mankind and keep them at peace. That person is Ka`Jal Master of the Elements. Trained by her Aunt Mariah, Ka`jal seeks to run things with an iron fist, but a new race of mythical creatures have other plans to run wild. When Ka`jal discover some disturbing news about her parents death, will she be able to balance it all?

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