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Outcast comics is here to bring you the most super, magical, and action-packed stories about a group of remarkable people becoming the heroes they were meant to be. Follow us 10 years after the “Power Incident” as these outcasts team up to protect the world.

Main Character: SHADOW
Secret Identity: Jason lynch

Jerry and Crystal Lynch were famous war heroes and owners of Lynch technologies. Jason was trained and schooled by Chicago's most elite teachers to become the world's first naturally born super soldier. Growing up in the spotlight of Chicago acquiring a name for himself in sports, fashion, and philanthropy Jason was loved by the people of chi-town. After Jason's parents were killed on his 16th birthday, he disappeared and returned, dawning an alter ego “Shadow”. Shadow is a dark vigilante who uses his skills, and a robotic exoskeleton suit to hunt the criminals of Chicago through fear and intimidation, in the name of vengeance.
Main title: Shadow
Jason Lynch has been invited into a new partnership with the mayor of Chicago and the city’s new E.C.U. Advisor Harry Shuester. Suspicious of the new project Jason investigates as the local vigilante (Shadow) only to find out the task may be tougher than expected.

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