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We focus on Indie tokusatsu and western superheroes. Come read our first issue of The Super Dragonfly Sentinels and stay tune for the premiere of The Emerald Coyote. Coming in Fall of 2022.

Main Character: SHADOW OCEAN DRAGONFLY SENTINEL Secret Identity: Michigan Ramirez
Michigan Ramirez, a retired officer of the Selection task force, must deal with the tragic loss of her partner. Her decisions lead to joining Project Sentinel to become something more. Modified and ready Ramirez as the Shadow-Ocean Sentinel leads a team to stop anyone that would harm those that she cares for.
Main title: The Super Dragonfly Sentinels
Three individuals, who live on the planet Selusha are recruited by a lead scientist named Beltox Van Velspot to stop an alien invasion of the Alnoe Species, a lizard-like humanoids who only care about repopulating other planets and spreading tyranny across that galaxy.

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