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What’s it like to live in the world of where a genetically enhanced superhuman race is taking over the modern world? You get The Alpha. The first successfully created superhuman; The prototype and a new breed of super humans emerging in a world that is like the current one we live in.

Main Character: ALPHA
Secret Identity: Jason Perez

Jason Perez is a TIER "A" genetically modified superhuman referred to as the Enhanced. His DNA was genetically altered and modified to become one of the many perfect super soldiers. He received a dosage of a serum that contains the DNA of the original Enhanced. When receiving the serum, he developed super strength and many other things. The Alpha also has the unique ability to break his limits when facing stronger foes. A feature only he developed. Jason and three others became a notoriously dangerous mercenary group called The Four. This group temporarily worked for The Corp. He took on the role of leader in the group (The Alpha). Due to a terrible accident, The Four vanished and lived in hiding. Learning how to cope with the mistakes of his past Jason A.K.A The Alpha wants to set a new meaning on what it means to be "enhanced" by protecting the people of New York City and becoming the hero that everyone close to him knew he'll become and the one that his hometown of NYC needs.
Main title: The Alpha: Prototype
A new threat of enhanced super humans are terrorizing New York City. Follow Jason Perez A.K.A The Alpha on a journey to find out who's responsible for these recent attacks in this 26 page action/superhero comic.

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