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JRD Comics is comprised of any and all works published independently by writer J.R. Dunbar. J.R. is an emerging author from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, who currently resides near Halifax. J.R. attended St.F.X university and obtained an English degree in 2011. Being a lifelong fan of comics, he finally tried his hand at writing his own graphic novel, Saint, which he began writing in 2017. The gritty five-part superhero work was published in 2020 and is the first of many stories to come. You can expect much more from JRD Comics, as he continues writing, focusing on expanding the Saint mythos through various mediums.

Main Character: SAINT
Secret Identity: Jake Barker

From a young age, Jake Barker always knew that he wanted to do good in the world. Early into adulthood he plunged into the world of crime-fighting and made a name for himself as a costumed, albeit nameless vigilante. He made his mark in his home city of Sprymouth by taking down countless crooks through a combination of natural athleticism, grueling training, and innovative gadgets. One night, after following a lead on a missing girl, Jake found himself at a construction warehouse, up against some of the most notorious criminals in the city. He found himself face-to-face with drug lord Melvin Marrott, his arch nemesis. Luckily for Jake, he came prepared for the worst…so he thought. After a crippling turn of events that caught the hero completely off guard, he found out the hard way that he was but a man, as he faced a brutally bloody and unforeseen demise that night. When Jake opened his eyes, he was amazed to find that he was not dead. Instead, he was in an unfathomable place known as the After Realm; the space between dimensions that houses the souls of the dead. There he met a towering figure that he coined “Judge”, who granted him incredible powers and sent him back to Earth to continue his journey against injustice. Now equipped with such abilities as flight, super strength and speed, invulnerability, teleportation, and the “Eyes of Truth”, Jake made his debut as the world’s first and only superhero, Saint. As Saint, Jake works as an agent of the After Realm in an attempt to bring peace and justice to the world and help re-establish the Balance.
Main title: Saint
A nameless vigilante finds himself in a drug warehouse in pursuit of a missing girl. Although the criminals seem outclassed at first, the tables swiftly turn when the hero makes a horrific discovery. Faced with imminent doom, is it truly the end…or is it somehow a new beginning?

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