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If you love sci-fi, horror, cosmic horror, action…. Then Twisted Smilez Entertainment might be up your alley. We take pride in knowing that all of our stories come from a place of love and respect for the genres and for us its really about sharing what we create with you all. Our goal is to tell awesome stories that will entertain, slightly disturb, and mainly make you think. Twisted Smilez represents the individual being true to themselves, for that reason alone we feel it is our duty too true to the stories we want to tell. So please, follow us on this journey as we venture into the void and beyond, I guarantee if nothing else…it’ll be twisted!

Main Character: Inik Kado
Inik was born with a terminal disease and not given much of a chance to live. His father Alvin and his lab partner and friend, Donovan, attempt to save him by administering an experimental procedure involving a mysterious substance called biomass. The procedure was a success granting Inik with special gifts as well as curing him and with it being so Donovan sees this as an opportunity to further the ambitions of their company, Majesty. Alvin disagrees, leading Donovan to take Inik by force in his childhood. Brainwashed and subjected to countless experiments in hopes of recreating his condition, Inik was held captive until he was 20 years old. In which time Donovan managed to use the data of his failed experiments on Inik to lay the foundation for the empire that Majesty would become by creating deviants and sending the world into a state of chaos. Now that Inik is free in this new lawless world, he only has one goal in mind….kill the man that started all of this!
Main title: CHAOS THEORY
The introductory chapter of Chaos Theory we follow our protagonist by diving into his troubled past and realizing some of the motivation for his relentless pursuit of Donovan Green, owner of Majesty Pharmaceuticals and the architect behind the current state of the world.

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